Amplifier PA-807 扩音机
Amplifier PA-807  扩音机 Amplifier 扩音机 Swiftlet Sound System 燕声工程与音响   Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Nest Tech System Sdn Bhd
Amplifier PA-807  扩音机

普通小尖声(纸膜型 Piezo) 可达 40 ~ 60 个

共有多款扩音机选择,适合 用于小型或大型燕屋
请拨打专线 019-7784699 以了解更多详情。

Play music for swiftlet house
Durable, 24 hours non-stop playable, suitable for internal sound and external sound
Normal Piezo tweeter 40 ~ 60 pcs

There are various type of amplifiers for small or big swiftlet house
Please call to 019-7784699 for amplifier details
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