Anti-Owl Flash Light 防猫头鹰闪光灯系统
Anti-Owl Flash Light 防猫头鹰闪光灯系统 Swiftlet House Electronics Accessories 燕屋电子设备 Swiftlet Farming Accessories 燕屋专用配件   Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Nest Tech System Sdn Bhd
防猫头鹰闪光系统  (对照型 ) Anti-owl flash unit (confront type)


The system was designed according to owl's weakness.
Suitable to install at outskirt standalone bird's nest house.

** 赶鸟功能强(Repel birds effectively)
** 低热能 - 省电(LED bulb emitting low heat and excellent energy saving)
** 轻便 - 容易安装(Portable & easy to install)
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