6A Stand Mould 6A阴阳站模
6A Stand Mould 6A阴阳站模 Birds Nest Processing Mould 燕窝加工模具 Bird Nest Processing 燕窝加工   Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Nest Tech System Sdn Bhd
* 用于燕窝还原定型
* 有效把燕窝纹路自然呈现
* 超大型模具以还原呈现A级以上的燕盏
* 脚模让燕盏更容易风干,提升速度
* 符合食品规格

* 适合燕盏加工

* Suitable for bird's nest moulding ( cup shape) 
* To restore bird's nest texture effectively
* To restore A++ grade bird's nest 
* Easy to dry bird's nest with this Stand Mould
* Food grade

​Package Include : 10 big & 10 small
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