About Us
“Nest Tech will continuously innovate new technology bird nest industries"

Nest Tech System Sdn Bhd is a company that provide research and development of innovative equipment to raising swiftlet instead of using manpower. Our powerful equipment can quickly let swiftlet stay, calculate temperature and humidity, to let them live at here with peace of mind. The company has developed a powerful trapping technology, which can attract swiftlet into the house, create nests and reproduction.

Our Main Business

Swiftlet farming houses renovate and design services
  • Rapid building skill
  • Design all kinds of raising swiftlet equipment
  • Attract swiftlet come in skill
  • New and old swiftlet farming houses renovate skill
  • Control and change environment, accuracy up to 90% and above
  • Attract strange swiftlet, increase the number of swiftlet
  • Improve interior temperature and humidity
  • Improve nest quality, number, and shape
  • Improve number of swiftlet and maintain
ii) Conduct swiftlet farming houses professional class
iii) Publish nest industry book and magazine
iv) Supply bird nest industry processing, packaging, and accessories

Our company conduct the most professional classes:
  • i) Swiftlet farming houses design camp, from 2006 to 2012, conduct more than 13th session
  • ii) Nest washing and processing class, from 2009 to 2012, conduct more than 27 session, students more than 4000.

Others swiftlet farming houses class include:
  • Swiftlet farming houses investment
  • Swiftlet farming houses setting class
  • Swiftlet farming houses product export class
Our company has lot of advanced equipment which can help beginner to lower business risk.

Company Profile

The company was conduct numerous of swiftlet farming houses exhibition between
2004 to 2012 in Penang, Genting Highland, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Kedah, Kelantan, and other state. The aim of the exhibition is to introduce the latest  equipment for swiftlet farming house, nest industries (Nest washing, processing, and packaging). Secondly, is to solve all kinds of raising swiftlet problem. We also hope to pass the right concept for new generation swiftlet business investor, explain and promote the swiftlet farming business in Malaysia. For the pass 4 years, Phang travels a lot of places to give seminar for public with the aim to promote the nest culture in Malaysia.

优艺冷冻工艺(马)有限公司 is the subsidiary company of Nest Tech System Sdn Bhd. The company has more than 25 year of experiences in developing and study temperature and humidity, freezing system. Our refrigeration equipment brands are FUJISAKI and COOLING TECH which can make the relevant technology industry change the harsh environment, increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce the waste of products due to unqualified.

Mr. Phang Kam Wah

- Founder of Nest Tech System Sdn Bhd
- In 2002 achieved “e Enterprise Awards”
- Mr. Phang received compliment certificates from General Electric (USA) during year 1997 – 2002 for Refrigerant Recycle System
- Asia Pacific Bird’s Nest Brand Top 25 Award in the year 2009
- Invited by China Chamber of Commerce and Industry to give nest house industry course
- Invited by Central Veterinary Bureau to attend GAHP in 2008-2009 years and provide Excellent Animal Husbandry Course
- Provide swiftlet farming houses courses and processing technology classes, etc.
- In 2010,  
published “Swiftlet World”  - the first magazine for bird’s nest industry in the world 
Mr. Phang had been doing research and development in heat, ventilation, air conditioning, humidity & cooling machinery over 20 years. He had been invited by news & magazine media for swiftlet farming topics. Besides, he is one of the speakers of ‘Successful Swiftlet Farming’ seminars, with his booklets of  i) “Bird’s Nest and Swiftlet Farming” series 1 & 2,  ii) “Swiftlet Farming – An Ideal Investment In Malaysia”,  iii) “High Technology Swiftlet Farming Equipment Manual”, iv) Malay version - “Rahsia Rumah Walit Yang Berjaya”.

Mr. Phang received compliment certificates from General Electric (USA) during year 1997 – 2002 for Refrigerant Recycle System. He was awarded by Japanese company Shinya-Kaisha for Temperature and Humidity System, and also  Asia Pacific Bird’s Nest Brand Top 25 Award in the year 2009. He had published “Swiftlet World”  - the first magazine for bird’s nest industry in the world in the year 2010.

Currently, he is the chairman of Nest Tech System Sdn Bhd– which doing R & D on swiftlet farming equipment. He had set up many swiftlet farming houses with high technology equipment which able to auto-monitoring the house’s conditions. There are more than 10,000 units swiftlet house were visited by Mr. Phang in Malaysia and he had provided technical supports, problem’s solution, consultancy for those bird’s nest farming unit. Mr. Phang is gladly to share his experiences to others.

 In the past nine years, Mr. Phang had hosted more than two hundred seminar. Those seminar include: “The prospect of swiftlet farming industry”, “GAHP for swiftlet farming”, “Bird’s Nest Processing”, “Bird’s Nest Export Rules and Regulation” and the most important seminar “Swiftlet Farming House Design”. There were more than 4500 people had attended these seminar.


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